For me “to draw” or to be an artist is not a profession, but a vocation. I’ve been drawing as much as I can remember myself. And as a proof of it, my mother has collected a whole album of first drawings, where the first picture has dated in the age of one and a half years. I drew with my sister and it was like a competition, and the best gift for any occasion were new pencils and markers. To draw is my the biggest passion. I have been drawing and still do everywhere, on everything and always. When being a child I came to visit my grandmother, for example, I was genuinely surprised that someone could not have paper and pencils at home, it seemed to me those things are the most necessary things in the house and have them as naturally as a toothbrush. But drawing was my the biggest pleasure and when once I’ve got the question of which profession I want to choose after school, I said “I want to be a lawyer,” and also, for the reason, I’ve been writing poetry since I was five, teachers predicted me a journalistic career. But when my mother (she is also an artist) asked me why I do not want to study in an art university, I was very surprised, I did not even imagine that something that you love with all your heart, can be also your profession. And for this I’m very graceful to my mom. And then I have found out that drawing is not only fun, it is also hard work.

I graduated from the College of Technology and Design, and after University of Kosygin in Moscow, and the specialty is stylist and fashion designer. I purposefully chose the profession of fashion designer and for many years studied the Russian-folk costume to create clothes based on it. But in the third year of university, I realized that I’m interested only in the decorative side of the costume and illustration.

After graduating of the University, I got very sick. After much wandering from hospital to hospital and the diagnosis has finally found and it was Hodgkin Disease, Phase B2. It was a very difficult period in my life, especially because in Russia’s society an attitude to cancer is still wrong, many people believe that this is a ticket to one way. But thanks for the support of my boyfriend and friends, treatment and the belief that everything will turn out, I was able to make a 4 courses of chemotherapy and radiation. And also the strongest desire to draw helped me a lot. I’ve been drawing as possessed. When I could get out of bed and even when the pain was unbearable. In this period I have created my artistic name “Marusha Belle.” I came up with the fabulous magical world where were no problems and pain, where it’s inhabitants drank tea together, sitting on the balcony under the awnings, as a kind neighbour’s, visiting each other’s houses, enjoying beautiful weather.

After successful treatment, I had a few stages in my career: creating art dolls and jewelry brand, I managed to work with many showrooms and online stores throughout Russia, and sold my jewelry in a department store offline Tsvetnoy and ten more stores in Moscow. After that, I decided to devote myself entirely to commercial illustration, and so far to work with Russian companies and brands from around the world: small and cozy, and well-known.

I passionately love floral ornaments and it is, perhaps, the most loved topics from which I will never get bored. Sometimes, I love to go in a park or forest alone and to draw flowers and plants from nature, forgetting the time, and in general about everything in the world. And also, I love to invent magical worlds and characters, certainly with their own character and history, so that every detail would be interesting to be treated as if each line would be a word in a big precious book, telling a story with the help of means of expression: the colors, lines, spots and dots .

Over the past 6 years the geography of my clients located throughout the world map: Russia, Ukraine, United States of America, United Kingdom, Spain, Germany, France, Canada, Australia, China, Korea, etc. My profession is still here, so I often work with fashion brands, creating patterns and prints for clothes or fabrics.

Believe in yourself, never give up and you will succeed! And if you liked my illustrations, I will be happy to discuss a future project and we will create something absolutely special and magical! ╰ (✿˙ᗜ˙) 7━ ☆. * ·.