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My name is Marusha Belle and I was born to be an artist. Sounds a little bit arrogant, doesn’t it? I beg your pardon but please let me tell you a short story about myself.

I started my journey in Moscow, Russia and for as long as I can remember I've always been passionate about drawing. I began drawing when I was 18 months old and since then I haven't stopped. Pencils and paper have always been my old friends. After finishing my degree in 2008 I started working as a freelance illustrator.

In 2010 I was diagnosed with lymphoma and during the most difficult moments I was always comforted by the idea that when I wasn’t suffering from continuous pain I could draw. In the hospital I made up stories and characters and continued to draw passionately! Thanks to this along with the support of my friends, the disease was completely defeated!

After the treatment I made a full recovery to continue my journey and here I am enjoying my life to the full in sunny Lisbon with my fluffy pooch May.

After eleven years as a professional Illustrator, I've been fortunate to work and gain knowledge in a variety of fields including fashion, advertising, surface design, children illustration, editorial etc. I'm very grateful to have been granted these opportunities to work with private clients, small and large companies globally including USA, UK, Canada, Russia, Europe, Korea, Japan, Australia, Argentina, and I'm very thankful to have gained this precious experience.

I like to work at a fast pace, achieve the best results, solve complex problems and reach new goals.

My dream is to publish picture books and at the moment I prioritise children's book illustration.

I love happy colors, bright patterns, magical stories, happy moments, music, learning new things, travelling, running and communicating with creative people.

I believe that true beauty is hidden away in the places and things we sometimes take for granted and we have stopped noticing them.

  • College of Technology and design,
  • Master’s degree/ Textile University by A.N. Kosygin (Artist and fashion designer)
  • MATS Children book’s illustration.


Products that have used my illustrations and designs can be purchased in a lot of retail outlets including these popular chain stores