Marusha Belle is an artist based in Lisbon, Portugal.
She lives by the ocean with her 18 years old beloved bichon May.
She is currently focused on illustrating and writing children’s stories, fiction and nonfiction picturebooks, creating magical worlds and exploring wonders of this beautiful planet, helping children to see, learn and appreciate the precious gift of nature.
She loves funny and simple but clever stories with a twist.

She has a Masters degree in Fashion Design, which helps her feel and use both fashion and social trends in her work.
Over a decade, Marusha was fortunate to work as a commercial illustrator with awesome people in a variety of fields including fashion, advertising, surface, toy design, children’s illustration and editorial, all over the world.
In the past 20 years she was developing her style in digital illustration, which looks hand-painted, full of joy and vivid colors.
She is well known as a pattern maker and in her children’s book illustration she found a way to use patterns along with decorating and building up a mood of the story, for educational purpose.

Besides she loves cooking and creating her own healthy recipes making food look like a piece of art.
You can find her running, riding her bicycle by the ocean, doing surf ski or stand up paddling, hanging out with friends, cuddling with May, laughing and seeking for magical adventures.

Marusha Belle
Marusha Belle's workspace


Marusha Belle

Founder and speaker of an online course Pattern Super Star

Featured in


  • Master’s degree/ Textile University by A.N. Kosygin (Artist and fashion designer),
  • College of Technology and design.


Writing and Illustrating Children’s books

  • Little Blue Mushrooms,
  • Pitch Writing for Non-fiction Picturebooks by Isabel Thomas,
  • Short Story Writing by Shaun Levin,
  • Writing and Illustration of a Non-Fiction Picturebook by Catarina Sobral,
  • Children’s Fiction by Ross Montgomery.


  • MATS Children book’s illustration.


  • HarperCollins
  • Hallmark
  • Double Ink Publishing
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  • Warren Publishing
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  • DooDoo Story
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  • Jillson Roberts
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