Super Whale

Hi guys!

I am happy to introduce you the very first set of stickers for iMessage with adorable whales!
As I found out, to make a set of stickers is not an easy task as it might seem at first glance. First one needs to draw sketches, then to transform them into a vector, to bring to perfection all the lines and shapes so the Whales really looked very nice and then to choose the colors, to come up with the idea of combinations, to torment friends with questions, “They are so cute, aren’t they?!”, and after to save each sticker as a separate file, upload everything in X-code, register a developer account, fill out all the paperwork and finally see the coveted status of “for sale”. I am very grateful to those who helped me and supported me, answered a lot of my questions and has watched versions of all the pictures. My friends you are the best! It’s a little victory and all these efforts were worth thousands of people got the opportunity to spice up their chats and cheer up their friends using dear whale!
It’s great to feel like a animator and draw a little history of the character, which is reviving, will be able to give a piece of my love invested in this project!
So, let me introduce you to Super Whales! They are cute, adorable, touching and you can liven up your chats with these cuties, combining accessories and creating your own unique characters.
In the video bellow you will see an instruction, how you easy it can be done 🙂
Thank you for your attention and have fun!


I'm open to new projects.

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