A collections of prints for ÇAVAenfants

I’ve created 18 unique prints for a textile applications. And though, at first glance, drawings look very simple, the task was quite complicated. “Application” is a special kind of decorative finishes, that takes more time and also is more costly, compared with direct printing or serigraphy. All the details of the pictures are cut out of fabric and sewn onto the surface of the main parts manually, and also in the figures were used some elements of embroidery. Each line and every detail should have been thought out so that it could be easily done from the fabric, the number of colors was also limited, and color palette was strictly dependent on the fabric purchased by the client.

So the work on the collection was not only to make the characters cute and pretty but essentially simple, to achieve the desired expression to the characters, that would help immediately won the hearts of kids at first sight. In order to realize all the models in life, it took a year and a half and the result came out great!

All models are made of high quality materials and all the drawings were made very carefully.

I'm open to new projects.

If you need an illustration created special for you, please send me an email at hello@marushabelle.com