Portuguese Sardine

When I have visited Lisbon un the first time, I was so impressed by this magical city that have created a series of illustrations. Lisbon for me is an endless source of inspiration, all of my love for Lisbon lives in my illustrations. Portuguese Sardine is one of the symbols of Lisbon, it tenderly loved. During summer time, when people celebrate Santos Populares in Lisbon, the whole city is filled with a smells of grilled sardines, happy people, young wine and festive mood. At this time, announces a finalists of the annual contest, which is dedicated to the Portuguese sardine also. To create a pattern of sardines was as natural as to enjoy Portuguese sun.

This pattern has become very popular around the world, and you can imagine my happiness and how I was surprised, when I returned to Lisbon after one year and found out that my sardine became a heroine of a book “A Nossa Sardinha”, which means in English “Our Sardine”.

For a brand “Blond Bond” I have created a pattern , that was designed in the colors of Portuguese flag, this pattern has decorated fans, which you can find in tourist shops in Lisbon.

And another example how my sardines look on a sweatshirts of a clothes brand Isterika 3D.

I was so happy to meet them also in Shoping Centre on advertising posters of Brazilian cosmetic’s brand.

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