Hello Guys!

I decided to share with you this schedule of health, which I made, based on useful habits that could make life much easier.
I thought it would be great to plan the menu for a week, this way you’d know exactly what it contains all the necessary vitamins and microelements, and balance of carbohydrates, proteins and fats.
It also helps to relieve the brain load, because once planning your schedule, you do not need to think about what to cook, and this will help in making a shopping list.
Another great habit that will help prolong life and increase productivity is water.
It is necessary to drink, depending on the weight and some other factors, minima 1.5 liters of clean water per day. Which is 6 glasses. I drink more, but it seems to me, it is important to know how much water you drink during a day and take care of the water balance of your body. So you can mark the amount of water drunk in the graph with a tick.

I perform various exercises in the morning and evening.
So for example, in the morning after waking up, I do exercises and a series of exercises from system called revitonika. And in the evening after work I have a run. Now I try to put running in the schedule every day, but if it does not work out, then in the evening I do exercises for spine (which is nesessary if you’re an illustrator), press, endurance and cardio. You can deal with different applications such as 7 minutes workout Runtastic Results and others.
Well, and there you can write some procedures for the face and body, which you would like to include in the week.

I also added the “Notes” field, where you can write something special that you would like to do this week. Well, for example, “this week I do not eat dessert”;)

Link – free downloading a file for print!

P.S. I will be glad if you tell me about your opinion of how this works for you in the comments in my Instagram!