Simple Floral Patterns

These simple but very stylish flowers have become so popular that I have created some projects with them.


We made a collection of gifts for Mart.rf and, in my opinion, it’s simply remarkable.

I created a floral pattern and a monograms for the company “Mart”. The result is a collection of hand-stitched bears which were made from a fabric with my pattern, the teddy bears went so charming! And also the company has produced t-shirts with floral monograms.

I did a whole alphabet with floral monograms. The English and Russian versions. Monograms look wonderful on the pillows, T-shirt, personal invitations, etc.

Monograms Video

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These ornaments and flowers were so loved by co-owner of Simple Choice Ksenia Tikhonova because, as she said they perfectly fit to the brand concept and her vision. We created a logo, postcards, patterns for the design of corporate identity, social networks and wrapping paper. It turned out clearly and concisely.

Ornaments are universal, so they look great on pillows, iPhones covers, covers for documents, which are selling on, but still very nice to receive news from friends from around the world, who find different products with these ornaments in local stores.

Once, walking along the El Corte Inglés in Lisbon, I have found a collection of school supplies «Just for girls» you can fine there everything, from the bag for spare shoes to the diary.
You can imagine my happiness! 🙂

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