Photo album for girls

Photo album for girls and stickers for a photo shoot for a brand dreambiglittleone. I can call this album unique not only because every each page has its own design, but also because of that the story of the baby begins from the first days of pregnancy, so there is a page for the first picture of ultrasound and photo of mom while waiting for a “miracle”. In the album you will find a place for notes and little cute details such as: what baby liked, what have learned in the first months of life, there is a page with a family tree and a page for the first 12 months, so you can easily see the statistics how she was changing during those 12 months.

There is also a page for all birthdays, starting with the first year to six years, and a page for photos from the first day in school.

This album will be very interesting to see with the whole family, I put there so much love as I could and every page was made to catch every little important details of the baby’s life from the first day.

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