Coloring book Magic Journey

It was a great honor for me to be one of the illustrators, that created illustrations for a books for creativity Magic Journey around Europe by publishing house El. My task was to draw illustrations about southern Europe, so the illustrations should have been saturated with the sun and reflect a flavors of countries like Portugal, Spain, Italy and Greece. I chose the ones symbols, which, in my opinion, illustrate those countries better, and also, because of I tenderly love Lisbon, of course, I have created some illustrations that have typical Portuguese symbols, such as “azulejo”, for example. First, I drew sketches on paper, because when the fingers feel the paper, when I hear the sound of the pen touch on a blank sheet of paper, that’s when the real magic is happening.

Then all the illustrations were redrawn by hand on my iPad. To make an every line perfect.

And then the most crucial final phase. Processing of all drawn vectors on the computer, creating a perfect composition from them and trying to colorize them.

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